Raindrops supports Blockchain driven charities. Raindrops coin brings increased awareness to blockchain charities through community and social media building. Raindrops provide a great modern promotional platform. Raindrops merges the popularity of social media interaction with the functionality of cryptocurrency. Raindrops creates the opportunity contribute to the larger good and provides users with a chance to experience an altcoin cryptocurrency. Learn about blockchain charities, trading cryptocurrency and Proof of Stake interest with Raindrops coin.

Raindrops users that hold coins in their wallets for 10 days become eligible to earn PoS  interest Raindrops payments. The interest rate is 73% apr or approximately 2% after 10 days. Interest payments that take longer than 10 days to pay out will continue to build additional value. Larger blocks of Raindrops pay out faster than smaller blocks. The Raindrops PoS interest mechanism insures transactions are always fast. Another great feature of the Raindrops PoS system, is it does not require energy hungry, expensive mining hardware, and the distribution of Raindrops goes into the supporters hands.

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