• Raindrops is a cryptocurrency project focused on raising the awareness of Bitcoin funded charities.
    • Raindrops uses charity driven distribution model.
    • The best way to get your Raindrops is donate funds directly to BitGive the first Bitcoin 501(c)(3) nonprofit.  https://bitgivefoundation.org .


  • Only make donations from a personal wallet and not an exchange if you wish to redeem the donation for Raindrops.
  • 0.0025 BTC Minimum Donation Required.
  • The BitGive Foundation is an American 501c nonprofit organization. While Raindrops coin supports BitGive we are not in any way part of, or endorsed by Bitgive.





  • The bonus period for Raindrops will last 2 weeks from launch date.
  • Each bonus level lasts 1 week. From week 3+ on wards there is a 10% referral bonus.
  • To participate in the Raindrops bonus period make your donation in Bitcoin to the 501c charity Bitgive or the Raindrops development team.
  •  Fill out the redeem form on the Raindrops.life website to receive your Raindrops.


To donate to the 501c charity BitGive use this address:



(For a limited time the Raindrops development team will take Bitcoin donations and payout Raindrops)

To support the Raindrops development team use this Bitcoin address: